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Ryan Creamer is a comedy writer. He currently writes for Clickhole and Game Changer. He's a former CollegeHumor castmember, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater performer, and is most well known for being a wholesome Pornhub pornstar.


Ryan Creamer

  • Born
  • Tobias Vincent Maguire June 27, 1975 Santa Monica, California, U.S.
  • Residence
  • Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Spouse(s)
  • Jennifer Meyer (m. 2007; div. 2017)

Comedy Articles

Clickhole Headlines

Is This Really How It’ll Be? Everyone In This Digital Rendering Of The New Shopping Promenade Under Construction Is A Rasta Man

Really Wish We Could Talk: One Of The People On This Silent Retreat Is The Ohio State Buckeyes Mascot

Whatever You Have To Say You Can Say It Here: Your Doctor’s Office Just Sent You An Email Saying You Have A Message In Your Inbox

Humiliating: This Adult Man Is Following Behind An Employee Who Has To Unlock His Video Game For Him With A Little Key

Mean But True: The Fun Fact On The Side Of This U-Haul Is That There Are No Tens In Pennsylvania

Jesus, Calm Down: The Quizzly Bears Just Looked Up What #5 Was After Handing In Their Bar Trivia Sheet And Are Now Weeping And Wailing With Grief

Colonialist Whitewashing: What Was Once The Proud Frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken of Trader Ming Now Just Says Trader Joe's

5 Yo-Yo Tricks To Bounce Back With After Saying Something Prejudiced

Just A Little Taste: Relapse From Your Digital Detox With One Picture Of The Twitter Logo

‘Respect My Authoritahhh!’: Mark Zuckerberg Is Using One Of The FedEx Office Store’s Computers That Charges Per Minute To Watch ‘A Bug’s Life’

Embarrassing For Him: Historians Now Believe Christopher Columbus Probably Could’ve Found Spices At The Store

Painted Into A Corner: A Shopper Is Standing In Front Of The Baby Carrots So Now This Guy’s Gotta Look Like He’s Interested In Buying A Radish

Ever The Showman: This Rhino At The Zoo Is Having Spectacular Diarrhea

The Darkest Hour Comes Just Before The Dawn: SeatGeek Says There Are No Current Or Upcoming Events For Daughtry in The Greater Chicago Area

Simone Biles Sparked An Important Dialogue About Mental Health. If I May Though, I Would Like To Steer The Conversation Back To What Wind Is


How I Live in NYC on Just a Cartoon Wheelbarrow Overflowing With Money a Week

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